After a long day at the office, is there anything better than unwinding in the comfort of your home? If the sun’s shining, rather than going out and spending half your wages to have fun, you can stay in and lounge peacefully in your very own outdoor area.

Whether you’ve got a trendy balcony in a high-rise city apartment or a lush garden in the suburbs, there are lots of things you can do to make the most of your summer evenings in. Check out our top 10 below and prepare for some memorable moments in the sunshine.

1) Enjoy the pleasures of simple barbecue food

Enjoy the BBQ

Enjoy the BBQ

Sometimes, basking in the sun with some good food is all you need to create the perfect night in. Barbecue is the ideal choice. Why? Well, you get to cook in the sunshine and they’re delightfully simple to do –cook up a few charcoaled sausages and burgers, make a crispy salad, and get in some great condiments and you’re set.

2) Jug of Pimms

This brand of fruit cups, also considered a liqueur, has been a popular and refreshing choice for the more refined drinker for almost 200 years. Sharing a jug with friends is a great way to relax as the sunsets.If you need the perfect Pimms’ recipe, you’ll find it here.

3) Mozzie candles

Nightlight Candles

Nightlight Candles

Not only will mozzie candles add to the ambience of your outdoor living area, but also their scent will keep mosquitoes at bay – a problem that has been growing in the UK over the last few years.

4) Get cushions

Deep, comfortable cushions will keep you and any guests happy and content long into the evening. It’s a good investment if you want to make your garden a welcoming and cosy living space. Remember to consider the style of your cushions to ensure they fit in with your décor, and choose a material that’s easily washable – you’re outside after all. At our sister brand Cargo you’ll find a wide range of styles and materials, at least one of them is bound to match your outdoor living space.

Comfy Cushions

Comfy Cushions

5) Summer garden tunes

When enjoying your own company, music in the garden or conservatory can be a much more indulgent affair, as you can simply choose whatever you feel like listening to. But if you have guests, more thought and consideration should be put into your selection. Music becomes part of the ambience, so if you want everyone to relax, some chilled out tunes are probably wise. If it’s a Friday evening and you’re more in the party mood, go for something upbeat to liven up the atmosphere and encourage everyone to let their hair down. Just be mindful of your neighbours, as they might not appreciate you having the music on too loud, especially later on in the evening.

6) Dress comfortably

If you’ve been in a stuffy suit all day; get it off and into something more comfortable. Shorts/skirt and at-shirt are a good shout, or something a bit dressier if you’ve guests and you want to create a more party environment. Just remember to keep a warm blanket close by, as you never know when the British weather may change!

7) Keep drinks within easy reach

When laying in the scorching sun you always want an ice-cold beverage by your side. That’s why it’s a good idea to invest in an ice cooler to minimise those trips to your kitchen fridge! This one here is big enough to fit in a whole picnic and has 4 cup holders too.

8) Parasols

Following on from our last point about keeping your drinks cold, keeping them in the shadow of a stylish parasol is also mighty useful. A parasol will offer shade that can help keep your food fresh for longer and save your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. A must if you intend to spend lots of time in your outdoor living space!

9) Garden games

Play Cards

Play Cards

Garden games can be the perfect way to pass the time in the sunshine. Got kids? Consider a crazy golf set, as taking it in turns putting balls through zany obstacles can be a lot of fun. Prefer to use brainpower? Sit down to a game of dominoes. Want an icebreaker? Pull out a pack of cards or a classic board game that everyone can get around the garden table and enjoy. Monopoly is one of our faves,just remember it can go on forever!

10) Need a fan?

If the weather gets too hot, make sure you and any guests remain cool and comfortable with a fan. Keep it somewhere practical where most people are going to congregate without running the risk of it getting in the way. If the temperature drops later into the evening, make sure you’ve a few spare throws for your seats and blankets for your guests.

Got any tips of your own? Share them with us in the comments box below for your chance to win a special summer garden pamper worth £25!

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