Michaela Mildenhall shows you how to really incorporate your own personality in your home.

Why is it that so many people want to incorporate their own style preferences and individuality in the clothes they wear, but sometimes forget to do so when decorating their homes? I’ve been to houses before that I swear if I didn’t know the person who lived there I’d have no idea about their tastes or personality!


No matter what any colour expert tells you, colour is a deeply personal experience and it can deeply affect your quality of life if you surround yourself with hues that don’t agree with you. Make a note of what colours make you feel calm, happy, or even excited – think what rooms they might work in. If pale blues make you feel calm, like they do for many people, then think about perhaps plumping for this colour for your bathroom. Reds are often avoided for living rooms as they are very vibrant and intense colours, but if it’s a colour which motivates you, try to find a way of bringing it into the room without it being too heavy.

Mood boards

So how do you figure out what your interior style preferences are? The best answer to this is to simply make a mood board. Not only are mood boards great fun, but they are used by most industry experts in interiors and fashion – they aren’t just a gimmick, they really do work!

Start off by collecting paint charts, material swatches and loads of clippings from your favourite interiors magazines. And stick ‘em on the biggest pin-board you can possibly find! If you’re feeling especially creative, you can buy some washi tapes – pretty Japanese tapes designed for making lovely mood boards to display on your walls (hopefully ones you will be painting over).

Get your walls to talk!

One thing that is a bit of a bugbear of mine is going to a house and seeing nothing on the walls! OK, if you are going for a complete “Zen” look and this represents your personality then fine, but most people with bare walls are missing a great opportunity to show what they are about. Get some prints, decals or cool wallpaper on this bare space immediately! There are no rules about what you should have up on your walls – just be confident in your choices. If you like it, that’s what matters most.

That Special Room

Spend more time and effort on the rooms that contain your interests. For example, if you hate cooking, and eat out at every opportunity, it’s going to be pretty difficult to design the kitchen to end all kitchens! Conversely, if you’re a crafter you could make the most amazing creative space with artwork and customized furniture – for an office that’s a dream to work in. Do focus on your interests and passions, and you will end up working on a decoration project that will stay with you forever, and for all the right reasons!

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