Hall furniture ideas and storage

The hallway is the main artery of the home, connecting all the rooms and pumping life throughout the house. This means it’s a room that can become very crowded very quickly – especially when everyone’s getting ready for work and school. Therefore it’s imperative to free up as much space as possible. Effective hall storage is one of the ways you can achieve this.

Entrance hall furniture is designed with de-cluttering and space-saving in mind. Hall stands or wall hooks are a must to hang up your outside paraphernalia. Invest in a good sturdy one that isn’t going to keel over if you overload it with loads of coats and scarves. Hall shoe storage is always important too. You want to be taking shoes off before you enter the main rooms in your home (especially if you have high heels and laminate flooring, or muddy shoes and a cream-coloured carpet!)

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Another essential is a good hallway storage bench; to get clutter out of view (and out of the way of busy feet) and if you are lucky enough to have more space, then a nice hall table is the way to go. Alternatively, narrow hall tables would work well, and for very small spaces you might be better off investing in a small hall console table and/ or a hall storage bench.

Hallway Console Table storage sideboard

Hall decorating ideas

When exploring hall decorating ideas, do be realistic about what kind of space you have. Smaller hallways often need a bit of help to appear larger. If, for example, you live in a nice Georgian townhouse, you can get away with colours such as deep reds and greens, and they are very nice period hallway colours, but these hues would be a lot harder to pull off in a smaller, and more modern hallway – a lighter colour may be better suited.

Entrance hall ideas for first impressions

Do remember though that the hallway is the first room that people see and so you want to make a good impression, and also make visitors feel warm and welcomed! Some nice Art or family photography on the walls will give visitors more of a clue about you, your family and your home – unless of course you want to keep them guessing!

Other considerations

Lighting. Basically, good and effective lighting is a must. Many hallways don’t have any windows at all, so use mirrors to utilise any daylight that does exist. Mirrors look great placed over a hall table, or a hallway cupboard. For evening lighting, you can either opt for soft and welcoming, or go for lots of spotlights for a glam and modern feel.

Stairway to heaven! I’ve recently seen some great entrance hall ideas for stairs that use painted boards in different colours with stencils or stripes. For more traditional entrance hall ideas, some good quality carpet, or varnished boards really look the part. White painted floorboards are not ideal for halls or stairways; the amount of through-traffic they get means that they don’t stay white for very long, and you’ll curse the day you painted them that colour.

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