There usually comes a time in life when one decides to put down roots and settle in the same place for a long time. Quite often this is when a person is looking for that special family home; a place of refuge and security to last for many decades. Many of us remember our childhood homes fondly – favourite memories from our youths are contained here. I personally was very lucky to have an idyllic childhood. Like many children of the ‘70s I distinctly remember the vivid wallpapers and swirling carpets from that era.

Happy Home, Happy Family

Having somewhere really special to bring up a family is an important and life changing decision for many parents. The logistics of moving home these days can be a virtual nightmare, with statistics indicating that it’s one of the most stressful things a person can undertake in their lives. Add a couple of small children to the equation, and you can see why most families decide to stop moving around so much, and plump for a homely place to stay in for many years to come.

Of course, when decorating the family home, things are a bit different from when you first started out on the housing ladder. Your tastes are less faddy. You have experience of buying expensive fashionable wallpaper only to find it has dated within a few years and has somehow managed to get things like gravy splots on it (how did that get there?) Longevity for key furniture is even more of a must.

Happy Living

The Living room is often a focal point for a family home. Whether it’s for watching TV, having somewhere for the kids to play indoors, or, ahem, a place for parents to relax with a nice glass of wine after the kids have been put to bed, the living room is the heartbeat of the home. Many families will splash out a bit more for a nice durable sofa that’s going to go the distance. Leather is a popular choice for a sofa, as it just wipes clean and lasts an incredibly long time.

Happy Eating

The dining room is a treasured place in the family home. A good sturdy oak table and dining chairs are often favoured over veneers or lightweight woods. If they are looked after, oak tables can last the journey from those first puree splattered toddler meals right through to teenage discussions about boyfriends and wearing makeup. It makes sense to invest in a table that’s going to see as many conversations and arguments as you’ve had hot dinners!

Quite often a dining area within the kitchen is preferred – you can talk with your family whilst cooking; making for a more relaxed and informal feel. If you have teenagers, sometimes a breakfast bar with high dining chairs is a bit more laid back. By this stage in family life it actually can be quite difficult to all sit round a dinner table in the evenings, so at least you can breakfast together or catch up whilst cooking is in progress, with no drama of course!

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