What do You Call Yours?

Have you ever wondered why some people say ‘sofa’ while others say ‘settee’? Couch further confuses the matter. So what is the difference? Do the words mean the same but are used by different types of people, or is it that a sofa is an entirely different thing to a settee?

According to eHow, a Settee is in fact NOT the same as a Sofa, but according to Wikipedia it’s simply a matter of upper class vs middle class.

Settee / Couch / Sofa

The word ‘Couch’ is more widely used in America and many consider it to be interchangeable with ‘Sofa’. However, according to www.homedit.com a couch is not the same thing as a sofa – but maybe it’s the same thing as a settee?

What confusion!

If you have any further insights into the differences (if any) between a Sofa, a Settee and a Couch, please let us know so we can clear this up once and for all!


We did a short Poll (UK users), wanting to find out which word the majority of people used and here were the results:

Sofa, Settee or Couch

Not surprisingly, ‘Sofa’ is the most popular word, with ‘Settee’ coming in second place. Way down was ‘couch’ and surprisingly enough 4 votes were placed for ‘Other’. What other words are used for Sofa / Settee / Couch? If you call your something different, leave a comment and let us know!

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