Oak Furniture is increasingly becoming one of the most popular types of wooden furniture.  One of the main reasons for this is because of its hard-wearing nature, and also because contemporary oak furniture and traditional oak furniture are suited to all types of home; it is a very dense material and can take a bit of wear and tear (although it still needs looking after to keep it in tip-top condition). For this reason it is great in a family home.

Solid oak furniture is particularly sturdy; we all have an image of the oak tree as being strong and reliable, and many generations of furniture makers have thought the same – it was even used in shipbuilding for many centuries!

 Oak Furniture - Dining Table and Chairs

Oak veneered furniture is a popular choice for those wanting to save money – obviously it won’t last as long as the solid oak furniture variety because it has only a thin oak layer as a finish so don’t expect it to be an heirloom.  With solid oak furniture it will endure long enough to be handed down to the next generation – providing you give it a wipe down occasionally with an oiled cloth, and get rid of that dust!


There are many types of oak – light and dark predominantly, from North America and Europe.  Both light and dark oak look quite similar in their raw states, but the appearance  of the oak furniture can vary differently in it’s finished state – depending on how it’s treated.  For example, limed oak furniture is very popular in contemporary oak furniture design (even though the technique of liming itself is very old). This gives a wonderful pale distressed vintage look to the wood.


Reclaimed oak furniture is also becoming hugely popular. Oak was used a lot in the past for beams, and floors etc, and although the wood may have cracked or aged in look, the wood itself is often still very good in quality.  Modern oak Furniture designs, or reproduction oak furniture can then be made without the need to fell more trees, and you get the original character and quality of the wood to use as a feature in the furniture.

Reclaimed Oak Wood Sideboard

Weathered oak furniture is much loved by vintage enthusiasts! Of course we all know about the rustic oak furniture which is used in more traditional settings; it is a style that we are familiar with from many Antique oak furniture designs. Dark oak furniture can be used in a contemporary style, but it looks especially great made into traditional oak furniture.  Rustic oak furniture used in a country kitchen is particularly effective, and if a dark wood is used, the finish usually captures the lovely grain of the material.

Vancouver and Brooklyn Styles of oak furniture are hugely popular. These furniture sets usually use lighter colours, and work great for dining tables, wardrobes, drawers and sideboards; mainly because you can use a lot of the same style in one room without it looking too heavy.


TIP: When it comes to oak furniture, just remember to mix up a bit, and not use too many heavy pieces in one room,  as it will eat up space and make a room too dark.

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