Best Furniture Buys for Loft Conversions

Whatever the size and shape of a loft space there is always something uniquely appealing about these rooms. They are full of character and retain an intimate feel even if they are very spacious. Loft conversions can be used as bedrooms, living areas, studios or dens, and if they are large enough it’s well worth the expense of adding an extra bathroom. If it is built and furnished properly, a loft conversion can enormously enhance the value of your home and the pleasure you get from living there.

However, furnishing these unique spaces requires considerable thought and planning. For a start, you may have to go through tight spaces to get to these rooms, so with larger items it’s vital to check to see if they can be easily dismantled to be carried up in smaller parts. If the space itself is quite small, you’ll have the challenge of choosing furnishings in the right scale. Then you’ll have the unusual shapes of the rooms to consider, as lofts are rarely a simple box shape.

This is where choosing your furnishings carefully can make a world of difference. One of the most important ways to make the most of your loft is to celebrate the individuality of the space. If you have an arched or a round window, why not invest in a mirror or a large light that has a simmilar shape? Echoing a design element in this way bings a feeling of continuity through the space. You can further emphasise the quirky nature of your loft with a selection of different lighting options such as concealed downlighters or uplighters behind feature beams or shelving, coupled with a row of statement pendant lights or striking large standard lamp.

Loft rooms often have sloping ceilings which mean you have to think carefully about where to place items that are often tall such as bookcases and wardrobes. However you can turn awkward shapes into a positive by having storage built in. Alternatively, position low-level sofas and three-tier bookcases at the edges of the room where the ceiling height is most restricted. Sitting down and looking out into the more lofty area of the room will enhance the feeling of spaciousness. Similarly if the loft is going to be used as a guest bedroom, you could put a single bed on each side of the room under the two areas with a lower ceiling, allowing guests to walk freely in the middle space which has maximum headroom.

Loft Room Sofa from Harveys Furniture

One problem with lofts is that unless they are extremely well insulated, they can be warm in summer and chilly in winter, so reflect this in your interior design, and if possible keep your décor flexible so you can make any necessary changes with the seasons. A ceiling hung fan can be an attractive addition which makes a big impact in hot weather. Lots of cosy rugs, or even a sumptuous thick pile carpet can help retain the heat and make the space far more welcoming in winter.

Rugs in a loft conversion - harveys furniture

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